Valentines Day Wish List for His and Hers

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I just thought if I had trouble choosing what to get my hubby for Valentines Day, maybe some of you wifeys/girlfriends, may be experiencing the same thing. I came up with a few ideas for his and hers. These gifts are great, not only for Valentines Day but for your anniversary, or father/mother’s day, and they all under twenty bucks. If you are an Amazon prime member you get free two-day shipping for certain items.

Every mom/wife/boss lady must have’s.

I know for sure any beer lover will love this gift. By the way, how cool is this apron? My husband is a super fan of the Godfather. If he likes to grill he’s a keeper. Also polo’s are a must for men, you can’t go wrong with a polo for any occasion.

Ideas: What to Wear For Your Christmas Family Pictures And Choosing the Right Setting

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is around the corner and just like me, I’m sure there’s a lot of mamas out there thinking what the heck to wear for their annual family pictures, because mamas stress out about outfits for the kiddos, dad just don’t care what we wear just tell them where they gotta be and what time. At least my husband, he’s the one that keeps track of time to make it were we need to be on time, and I gotta say that we are terrible with being anywhere on time, but been working on it for the past few years.

So let’s start with coordinating outfits: The picture above was from last year, this year I want to do something different, instead of choosing one color (like I did here, “black”) I want to mix it up a little.

1.Pick a color scheme: Me personally, I like to mix and match, don’t pick out the same red plaid button up for all your kids. The more variety the better the overall look!
Here are a few options…

-grey/cream/mustard yellow/hunter green


-tan/navy blue/burgundy/grey

-metallic grey/black/navy blue/red

2.Plan accordingly: Lay out the outfits to make sure that’s the look your going for and that it all flows right. Don’t wait till the day off, it might look different on than what you had imagine in your head. I’m saying this because it has happen to me plenty of times, I tend to put an outfit together in my head and love it, but look different once I actually have it on and hate how it looks. This can be very stressful on you dealing with outfit problems on the day of picture day, specially if your dealing with your kids outfits as well.

3.Setting: Pick an outdoor setting that’s surrounded by trees, a place that screams fall! That way you can layer up outfits and get that christmas-y feel in your family portraits. The environment sets the tone, this is were you can get creative. Mamas step out the typical standard attire, the hunter green/red midi dress. Mix and match dressy  with more casual. Don’t be afraid to layer up  a fur vest with either some black skinny jeans or leggings, and over the knee boots. Do the same for your princess, whether if is a tutu skirt or a dress, layer it up with a fur vest, or blazer, tights and boots. For your boys, throw on a beanie with the bow tie look.

4.Lastly, Get Silly! This one is key to capturing the perfect family photos.  I’m over the, “look at the camera kids and smile” type of pictures. It’s already hard as is dealing with a toddler taking pictures, even more trying to tell them what to do or how to look. Let your kids be, when you let them do what they want is when you capture their personality at is best. Interact with one another, tell jokes, be playful as if the camera wasn’t there.

Hope this post can better prepare you for your family portraits. Plan accordingly to avoid stress! I also gathered a few ideas for outfits…

Pumpkin Patch, Thoughts And Feelings

DSCN3674When I look at my kids, I see two kindhearted human beings, full of love and compassion. When you first meet my daughter Kayla, she will genuinely shake your hand or give you a hug depending how the vibe feels and introduces herself. She is also very shy and hardly speaks in public, but her manners will always show. Our kids are a representation of what we instill in them. If we teach them to love and respect others, they will grow up being just like that. These little innocent human beings are mold into what we as parents teach them, they are not born with hate in their heart. Where I’m getting at here, is that we live in a world full of hate and discrimination. We have good people and we have the bad people. I think about all the craziness that goes on in this world, and the thought crosses my mind, that at some point in my kids lives they will come across that one bad person and experience some type of discrimination or hate. I then think to myself how will they react to that particular situation, if they don’t know what is like to be mean to someone. I tell my daughter to walk away and ignore them if someone tells her something mean, that maybe they’re just having a bad day. Am I doing the right think or should I tell her otherwise.  Have your kids ever experienced an act of hate or been discriminated? What advises do you give your kids? I will love to know.



Hello Uno!


Throwing the deuces up to the new born stage and welcoming toddler-hood in full-effect. If I can describe this toddler with one word in this new chapter will be adventurous. It’s always an adventure around him. He loves to explore the outside world and just walks and runs as if there’s no steps in front of him, waving hi to everyone he comes across with. There’s something special about this kid, if everyone else seems to notice him(is not just because he’s mine). He attracts people with his charming personality. People constantly stop just to talk to him and tell me how precious he is. He is so friendly he builds a relationship with everyone he comes across with. He will hold a toddler conversation with you, and even laughs it out as if he is really saying a joke. He loves to be social and loves to dance; never misses a beat when juju on that beat comes out.  He mocks everything he sees, literally. His sister has him confuse on the purpose of a toothbrush. It’s her thing to get those baby hairs on point using a toothbrush so every time he sees a toothbrush he combs his hair with it. As he learns and continues to grow, I continue to grow with him. I’m impress on how big his imagination is for such a tiny little human. He knows the pointing the finger trick, pretending to show you something to run off where he wants to go. I have my hands full with this one for sure.


On another note when do you say no more boob. The breastfeeding journey is soon coming to an end. I told myself once he starts trying to rip-off my shirt in public is that time to stop haha. So is that time. The bond we have when I nurse him is like no other, and when we lock eye contact, and he smiles just melts me like chocolate. He returns his gratitude with hugs, kisses, and calls me “mama,” like he knows that all he has to do is call me “mama” and he has me wrap around his little finger. On a side note, since I mentioned finger, it brings me to another conclusion. Who is guilty of  sticking their finger inside your babies diaper thinking it was just a fart and then pum! Surprise! You end up with a shitty finger.


I want to hold on to this uno phase forever, but at the same time, I want to have real conversations with you.



Hanging With the Moores – A Family Series

In this blog post I wanted to focus on something different. As bloggers, we all share our daily lives through this silly app called Instagram that connects us all together. Either as a mom, makeup, fashion, or lifestyle blogger, Instagram is all about the pretty pictures and filters that attracts others to follow our adventures. As a mom blogger, I follow a lot of mom blogs and Instagram feeds. What I really don’t see, is real life struggles, the not-so-perfect moments, that come with raising a family and being in a committed relationship with our significant others. One of my favorite aspects of social media and blogging is being able to relate to other bloggers I admire. If I’m going through some issues in my relationship, I stop and wonder if I’m the only one going through a phase. Real life has good days and real life has bad days, but it seems like everyone just seem to have the perfect family dynamics. Life is all about balance, that’s why I came up with a series; “Hanging With the Moores” were I will talk about our ups and downs within my family, and how I balance through it all. If I’m feeling a certain type of way, I know there are other wives and moms out there feeling the same way, there is no such thing as having a perfect relationship, every relationship has is ups and downs. So here we go my first series of “Hanging With the Moores.” As raw as it gets.

Let me start off with a little introduction about us. My husband and I tend to crash heads a lot because we both are very stubborn. He’s a leo and I’m a taurus and we are always right…right? Our motto in our family is “teamwork makes the dream work.” Do we follow it…Uum.. not all the time. Here is the problem, I’ve been a stayed at home mom for a year now, and he says I’m taking a vacation, and it’s time for me to get back to work. Mine you, our son just turn one. I started this blog in the hopes to make a career out of it just like other mom bloggers do. I know it’s a long process but I love everything that comes with it. Financially we are struggling, and a part of me is saying it’s time to get back to work to help my hubby out, and the other part wants to make this blogging career work, while spending all the time possible with my little one. Bills are stacking up, and we are still playing catch up with rent. Not to mention, our 10-year-old daughter does gymnastics and we just got a loan to pay for her tuition this month. Any mom that knows about gymnastics knows the expense that comes with that.

This is real family struggles, and you know what keeps me calm, that I’m a firm believer of god. I trust god’s timing and I know he has something good coming my way. My heart tells me I should keep blogging, just have patience, all things are difficult before they become easy right? My husband being stressed out financially brings problems to our relationship. He nitpicks everything I do; from the house not being immaculate when he gets home, or not giving it my very best on this thing called job seeking. To keep my composure I put myself in his shoes, I know it’s a lot on his plate right now and as his wife I talk to him in the most positive way, even when I want to chew him up too, but what good does that do… it will only cause more stress and then we’ll both be walking around the house in silence pretending we don’t see each other. His form of venting is nitpicking everything, so when I see him swipe his finger through the coffee table I know what’s coming next, “did you clean today.” Yes! I clean everyday and everyday gets dusty, and after picking up the same toys a thousand times throughout the day I just get tired and let my son be. I don’t take criticism very well especially coming from my husband. I’m working on taking criticism in a positive way, to better our communication. There are things we don’t like about each other, and when we express ourselves about it, we tend to get defensive because we know it’s true. How do you take criticism? How do you deal with stressful situations?  I love writing here because this is where I come to vent, my comfort zone. I enjoy the feedback and reading comments of moms and wives that can relate to me. This is just part one of “Hanging With the Moores,” there’s plenty more, stay tune.

FSCN0442We need new family pictures, our prince wasn’t even born here.



Being a mother is the most rewarding gift from god. It’s also exhausting, beautiful, overwhelming, exciting, chaotic, emotional, stressful, and well you get it its’ full of emotions. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to spend some time alone without my kids, but you need that time to recharge because sometimes coffee just don’t do it. When you have that “me time” you  have more patience with your kids.  A happy mama means happy kids. So don’t feel bad when you make an excuse, “we run out of toilet paper” to go to target  just to get away for a minute.(we know mamas keep a stash under the cabinet sink).

Being a mother means the world to me and it also means:

  1. Eating your food cold unless you’re in a restaurant. I make sure my kids are well taken care of when eating. Specially if you’re eating a meal that requires warming up tortillas =) Walking back and forth to warm up more. (We’re tortilla eaters over here.)
  2. Holding your pee. I pretty much have to ask my toddler for permission (he is stuck to me like glue.)  And even then, he sits by the door crying =/
  3. Being in yoga clothes all day.
  4. Stains on your clothes.
  5. Endless days of laundry.
  6. Brushing your teeth in the middle of the day.
  7. Your purse becomes your diaper bag.
  8. Waking up sore because your kids want to cram in bed with you in the middle of the night.
  9. Crying when your kids get hurt or sick. (wishing it was you and not them)
  10. Pretending you can do it all. (Super mom)
  11. Picking after them all day.
  12. Stay washing dishes. ( Make it easy on yourself, buy paper plates)
  13. You live in the kitchen

Motherhood doesn’t come with instructions, you learn to be a mom as you go along. Everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes make us a better mom. Every lesson learn becomes a memory, memories that you will cherish forever and when your kids grow older, you’ll laugh it out together. On a side note, I use to eat the dog pebbles as a toddler, (yes I know, ewwww right). Blame it on my mother, she said she’ll get tired of chasing me around trying to keep the pebbles away from me. Eventually she just let me be, and I just stop eating them, once I realized it was dog food. I get it now when my mom tells me “just let him be.” I chase my toddler around through out the day, and by mid afternoon I just let him go about his business. As much as you try to be a perfect mom, there’s no such thing. But the best part about this, is that they’re little tiny people running in back of you, chasing you around, crying, pulling your clothes for you to carry them, who think you are more than perfection. Those tiny little faces that look at you like you’re some type of hero. That’s what keeps a smile on my face and I live through those moments.




Create A Tea Cup Bridal Shower And A Baby Shower

After the bridal shower comes the baby shower.  Planning a bridal shower can be very overwhelming, not to mentioned a baby shower while pregnant. Make it easy on yourself, “simple” is the new “elegant” and yet very neat and stylish. My bridal shower  consisted of tea cups that I found at Ross for less than five dollars , chalk boards from the target dollar section, macaroons from a local bakery, and fresh flowers from the flower district market in Downtown Los Angeles. It was the most amazing bridal shower I ever seen.

DSCN0522DSCN0477DSCN0478And of course a tea cup bridal shoer requires a naked cake. My sister made this box cake and it was absolutely delicious and gorgeous. It was stuffed with cream cheese filling and she decorated with fresh fruits and flowers. Then she added pearls around that she cut herself.

DSCN0460A champagne bar is a must in a bridal shower. You can’t go wrong with mimosas or  bellinis (so Blair Waldorf). Screams for Gossip!

DSCN0969Then the baby came so it was time to plan a baby shower. I reused everything from my bridal shower and switched the tea cups for mason jars. Mason Jars are amazing for any occasion. I use them in the kitchen to store food, for decor, (even my daughter uses the mini mason jars to store her slime =) it keeps it fresh so it won’t dry out.)





And as you can see I wore white for both occasions, is your party and you must be the one to stand out =)